It is so long time for me not to see Studi Ilmiah Mahasiswa members. Since my mandate as the leader of that organization had ended last year, I decided to focus on my work in my hobby, online. Today, they invite me to share about the professionalism. What? Am I as a professional person? Oh no, but I think It is the good moment for me to meet them. Then I accept their invitation. Bismillah.

I am very glad to meet them, my juniors. I see new faces that I don’t know them. I think I can memorize their faces, but I may forget their names. But, I don’t care. Today, it is my special moment. Then I begin to share my experience with them about professionalism, especially when we are as a SIM-er. Although I get the term of reference from the committee, I ignore some of the content.

I prefer starting for a problem. I ask them about something to open the discussion. Then how we can be a professional person in SIM? I share to them a derivative values based on professionalism in SIM. It is pure as my exploration. He he. Why? I believe that the theory about professionalism must be adapted based on our organization culture.

We can be a professional SIM-er if we start to do,

First, learning hard. It is the first key for us to get anything that we plan when we decide to join in SIM. Many people declare when they fill the form that they want to get more knowledge and skill after join in SIM, but they forget that it depends on their will to learn. Being SIM members means that you are the subject, not a subject. So, we must learn actively. You can ask the senior, try some challenges, etc. If you just wait the training which is held by SIM team, you will be the lazier and never progress So learn and be active as a SIM members.

Second, do all of our activity with love! I think love is a condition that we don’t feel a sacrifice. If we feel that our time, our cost and a part of ourselves was lost, it is not a love, it is a calculation. That is my opinion based on Sujiwo Tejo concept. I don’t accept all of his opinion about love, but I agree about his opinion in love. So, if you declare to learn in SIM, you must do it with love. If you do it under pressure, you will be lost, then you will give up.

Third, after we learn with love, we do consistently. We can be a real SIM-er if we do all of the creativity and job in team procedurally and perfectly. It will be reached if we train ourselves consistently. When you are a contestant, you must train yourself seriously at more time before you face the juries. When you are event organizer, you must ask more to your senior or the professional how to hold a big event. If you do it inconsistently, you never get the essence of your work. So, be consistent please.

That’s all my sharing to my juniors about values in professionalism. I prefer sharing many stories based on my experiences. Three values are a keyword how to realize in ourselves. I believe that a professional person do his job because they love with that job, besides procedurally. And they do it consistently. It will make us having a good habit, work totally. So, when will we do to realize? Come on my brothers & sister. We start it from ourselves! From now and from a small things.

If you get many errors in this essay, I just say, “I’m so sorry”. Then, please you correct my writing, so I can repair it. Thank you very much.

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