Today, I am very happy. I called today as inspiring day. Why? Because I’ve gotten many inspiring experience.

It was begun from Solo Car Free Day. I was accompanied by my junior to enjoy that regular event in Solo. A moment when many people celebrate their happiness and join in community. Enjoy the special morning on Sunday. I think I am so lazy to do that in every Sunday. But, today I got that moment.

In Sriwedari stage, I watched an amazing performance from YPAC, a NGO who concerns in managing and advocating disabilities people. Some younger in their condition performed some songs. They played music instruments well although their body is not perfect as ours. I was so shame with them. They alarmed me to do more, more than them.

The next, I went to Toga Mas Book Store. Truly, I just wanted to see the new book and buy the TOEFL book. But, after I saw some book about e-learning, I changed my plan. I bought all book although all of my many in wallet was used. My walled was empty. I don’t care, but I think I must manage my visitation to the book store. Because I will get the monetary crisis if I can’t manage my fund.

After that, I joined in a talk show in Solo Grand Mall, a hated place on my mind. Why? I don’t know why I dislike to go that place. If there is no inspiring talk show, I don’t visit there. I was so inspired from some speakers, Mr. Sutanto, Mr. Tonang, and Mrs. Marta. They spoke about the using of internet in their household, in education, and in medical activity.

I got some keywords how to make internet today useful for us, especially in our life and business. We might not judge that internet is bad for us. Internet is a phenomenon today, it is neutral. It is depend on the user how to use it if they want to do for the goodness or to make a wasting time. In our household, education, and medical activity, internet will make our life better if we understand how to use it.

Internet era changes the people habit in communication. Today, we must make a collaboration to make a change. Don’t think that we can be succeed individually. Do it together by a collaboration. Spread the inspiration to the other. Besides that, we must keep the trust of the people, because it is the key for our relationship. And we must notice it, that all of our work it must be done hard. We do that because we have competency.

The last, discussion was continued by two businessman who lead in HIPMI Solo. They shared the application about it based on their experiences. I got inspiration today. Yeah. Thanks God, I am ready to face the challenge tomorrow.

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