Today, I’m very glad. I have chance to go to my beloved city, the place for my king stands there. The historical city when this country celebrated and defended his independence. Along time, since I studied in other city, I have no much time to see you. But now, I can see you again, see you again.


Sultan palace, Vredeburg fort, Yogyakarta Art House, and another place around there is memorial place for me. I remember your history. There, I can learn how our first king, Pangeran Mangkubumi who is called Sultan Hamengkubuwana I taught to his out spring not to obey Colonialism. They must fight them and defend Yogyakarta Hadiningrat from that domination.

You know Prince Diponegoro? He is one of prince from that kingdom. He is one of Hamengkubuwana III’s son who fought Colonialism till 5 years. Diponegoro’s war made the colonizer bangkrupt. The revolution in Java island inspired many people to made the their dynasty, the memorial dynasty bigger than Yogyakarta. It was Mataram. Diponegoro had a vision to made Java Island under Mataram command.


Although his fight must be ended because the tricky of his enemy, the spirit to fight Colonialism is continued. After his father, Hamengkubuwana III, the next sultan always teach his son to fight. Till the 9th Sultan who was called Hamengkubuwana IX became the King. In his command, Yogyakarta become and independence country that is not dominated by colonizer. Till Soekarno declared the independence of Indonesia, Yogyakarta still became an independence country.

I learn from his wisdom when he declared gracefully Yogyakarta was part of Republic of Indonesia. And after that this kingdom was one of supporting system in Indonesia defending. When the war happened, this city became a basis for our warriors. General Soedirman, he is one of our warrior, right? Ahaa. Today, I reflect it all in my mind by seeing that city.

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