Today is amazing time. After I did my work at Blogger House, I planned to go home and join an event with my friends to open the fasting. Truly I’ve known about that event some hours ago before Ashar Praying and I considered whether I go early and leave the part of my job or finish my job then I go. Then I decided to finish my job, then go to the event.

But, I got an unpredictable moment. When I wanted to say good bye to everyone at that house, I saw someone who was looked in a local newspaper some days ago. Yeah, I remembered, he is one of the pioneer in developing of Wikipedia in Javanese language or in other words we say “basa Jawa”. I still had a doubt when I greeted him and asked him whether he is that person I mean or not.

I greeted him. He was very kind. I gave my hand and he did the same to me.

I asked him, “Hi, are you the pioneer in Javanese language in Wikipedia?”.

He said, “Yes, you’re right”.

Do you know how amazing in my feeling? It’s a rare moment to me. I was able to meet someone who made a good project to keep our heritage. I read the short story about him in a local newspaper. But, I forgot his name.

I asked him, “Oh, it’s a good moment for me. But I forget your name? What is your name?”

He said, “My name is Benny”.

I said, “Oh yeah, Hello mr. Benny, I’m Dika. Nice to meet you”.

He said, “Nice to meet you too”.

I forgot with my plan to go back. I asked him some questions. He said that he still discuss with his colleges to raise up the participation of Indonesian people to contribute in Wikipedia Basa Jawa. I saw he was discussing with a senior blogger that I knew him too, Mr. Blontang. I guessed that he still study in USA, but I was wrong. He was graduated and now live in Surakarta.

It’s a special moment for me. I hope I can meet him again in another time. I want to learn more with him how to optimize our capability in ICT Era. He is Indonesia as like me. So If he can do the best for his country, why can’t I? Mr. Benny Lin, I’m glad to meet you.


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