Today, million people in Indonesia meet at the demonstration, after a tragedy occurred in Egypt to days ago. Many people is killed by army. It is very barbaric for a country which do a transition to democracy. We can’t be quiet for this assassination. As an Indonesian people, we have a same feeling that muslims Egypt are our brothers who must be helped.

We made a long march along the street in all of city in Indonesia. We have samevoice, Save Egypt, restore Mursi as a legal President of Egypt, and hang al-Sisi because he break the transition of democracy in Egypt. In Surakarta, we wear all black costume to grieve more than 2000 persons who was killed despicably by the army. Public without weapon just made a protest for coup d’état to their president who was elected democratically must run because the missile and fire from the Egyptian army. But, mass media, especially international mass media be silent to share this assassination. Sometimes made a controversial news.

We say to the world, to USA, to United Nation, and to all of the country who has humanity. Middle East learn and make a transition to democracy, why are you silent when the army break this moment? If you consistent with your mission, you should save Egypt! Save Egypt! Save Egypt! If you refuse, its mean that you are hypocrite. That is our solidarity for our brother in Egypt. May Allah always keep them in patience and He welcome the Syuhada who died in this tragedy. From Indonesia, to our beloved brothers in Egypt! God bless yu!

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